Expat Genius 09 Set, 2016

Are you moving to Berlin? Meet Natalia!

We do hope you've enjoyed last week Linda's pitch to become a Genius. Well, we'd like to share a new one: Natalia, our of our best Geniuses in Berlin.

When, few months ago, she applied to become a Genius, we've asked her to prepare a short description of herself and  personal video pitch. Only 3 minutes to explain why she'd like to become a Genius, why she'd be a good one. 

Natalia  introduced herself like this:

"I am a Spanish/Brazilian expat that lives in Berlin since 2008 developing art and cultural management projects.
I know Berlin perfectly after so many years and I love it. I like to go dancing and explore the small parts of the city. I can help you to start your life here and take the advantage of one of the most vibrant´s cities in the whole world. Welcome to Berlin!

and you can enjoy also her Genius' pitch!


To ask for Natalia support, contact her through her ExpatGenius' profile.