Expat Genius 02 Set, 2016

Are you planning to move to Finland? Meet Linda!

When someone applies to become a Genius, we do review her CV, her credentials, her skills. And what about her motivation and commitment? 

We ask her to prepare a personal pitch. Only 3 minutes to explain why she'd like to become a Genius, why she'd be a good one. 

Linda, one our best Geniuses in Finland, back to few months ago, introduced herself like this:

"I have lived in Finland all my life, and traveled a lot abroad. I enjoy the outdoors, reading and learning new things. As a person I am helpful, cheerful, reliable and respectful to other people. I know how Finnish society works, and what kind of service’s we have available just for you, and your family. Working with me, you will have a great chance learning at the same time things about Finland. I'll help you get started in a new life situation with my varied expertise."

and she sent a truly awesome Genius' video pitch! Enjoy!


To ask for Linda support, contact her through her ExpatGenius' profile.