Expat Genius 02 Ago, 2016

Because Home is wherever you are

ExpatGenius in the news: 

For one company, creating a global platform for local stories is paramount. Luisella Giani is founder and CEO of ExpatGenius, a startup social platform that links ‘new expats’ to old expats in a whichever country they’ve moved to.

The company is in prelaunch phase (it goes live in September), and so the story it tells today will form the organization it becomes tomorrow. But ExpatGenius is typical of many platform-based businesses in that it is creating a community that tells its own story, via 100 per cent user-generated content.

Its motto is ‘Home is wherever you arrive’, a tagline that has unexpected resonances in our politically divided 2016. Giani says:

That message is something personal to me. I was an expat myself – I lived in six countries and 13 or 14 cities, and so I think that where I arrive is my home. More and more of us are becoming more nomadic, because we can work remotely and decide where we want to live, and we have a level of freedom we’ve never experienced before.

Of course, political divisions on either side of the Atlantic have demonstrated that this positive, open, egalitarian idea is threatening to some of the more disenfranchised members of our society, who find themselves lost in a socially globalised world they don’t understand. How to engage those people in the future will be a challenge for every type of organization, whether private, public, or third sector.

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Are you sitting comfortably? Use cases from great digital marketing storytellers  by Chris Middleton published on Diginomica