Expat Genius 12 Ago, 2016

Denmark: our Top Geniuses

As soon as we've launched our Messaging system, our Geniuses started to give support to Expats. Our Geniuses have already helped out several people in many cities. We're really proud to share some of the reviews given to our Top Geniuses - the ones who scored 5 stars!! - , today it's the day dedicated to Denmark. 

Maria A.


Maria A.  "Really really fast response and answering in detail, getting all the answers in one day. She was detailed and if I didn't understand something, she explained it again and then summarized it. She even asked additonal questions that I could have problems with and gave me advice." by Ines

"She was kind and clear, I got an impression that she wants to help me and that she understands my position. She answered straightforward and within a short time. I've got some valuable feedback. I would rate her with 5 stars with respect to giving me the right information to ease my possible transition." by Kristian

Luca C.


Luca C.: "Quick in replying, clear and understandable answer."  

 Natalia T.


Natalia T.: "A short answer, quick reply." 

Elena G.

Elena G.: "Really nice reply, providing links, fully explained, fast." 


Mila D.

Mila D.: "A shorter and quicker response, summarizing the answer to my question."