Expat Genius 15 Apr, 2016

Exploring Amsterdam: Lavinia Goodfood

By Mary, Genius in Amsterdam

Surrounded by deadlines and work applications we found sometime to escape and spent a evening in Amsterdam. I went along with a Couchsurfer, Mikaela, from Finland, who’s been living in London and found herself traveling for the last two weeks.

They were providing beverage’s and cakes but they’ve just recently updated their menu with their delicious lunch and dinner dishes. Oh, the treats!
You can also call them beforehand and reserve for a group to enjoy the food with your lovely colleagues or friends.

The minute you walk in you feel at home. The staff is very spontaneous and welcoming, that helped overlook the nervous moment when you step into a place you’ve never been before and see that most of the tables are “RESERVED“. So we found a cute little spot near the kitchen and ordered a latte and their own tea mix.

From coffee’s to latte’s, to a selection of tea in various flavours, to “biertjes” (aka. beer), to wine. They have it. And they’re quick!

Everything they make is, next to extremely delicious, very healthy and pure!
Almost half of the menu is vegan too. A number of salads to choose from, soups and tasty desserts. We both ordered a vegan- tahin burger with sweet potato and it was so full of taste and fresh. It got us through the rest of the evening and a long night out.

I’d definitely recommend it this hotspot to any person of any age. It’s located at the Kerkstraat 176 . Easily accessible when you’re in the center of the city. If you just visited a good movie at the Pathe City, or just got back from exploring the classical gems of the Rijksmuseum or an inspirational exhibition at the photography museum FOAM.

Until the next exploration.

x Mary

By our Genius in Amsterdam Mary

This article was originally published on Les Petites Femmes blog