Expat Genius 16 Apr, 2016

Goodbye winter blues. Welcome spring fever

By Ina, Genius in Antwerpen

The temperature is rising, trees and flowers are starting to blossom, evenings are becoming longer and you are starting to plan outdoor activities. It is the time for new plans and projects, to feel energized, vital and ready for action.

Now is the moment to wave the winter blues goodbye!


Has Spring fever not infected you yet and you’re still in hibernation?

Do you want to get into the flow and, like nature is doing, wake up and move into action?

Small adjustments in your daily habits can help you to implement change in your life!


Start your own spring party today:


Turn on music that gets you in a positive mood.

You can find some inspiration from this Upvenue article


Take a long walk in nature and experience the change of season consciously.


Put away those dark winter clothes and refresh your wardrobe with some sparkling bright colours.


Buy yourself a big bunch of spring flowers and put them everywhere in your house.


Get up 5 minutes earlier than usually; open a window and breath in the fresh spring air.


Treat yourself on fresh salads; enjoy the first strawberries of the season.

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Thanks to Ina our Genius in Antwepern for sharing those great tips!