Expat Genius 25 Lug, 2016

Our Messaging System is live!

You can now get in contact, communicate via chat and send files to Geniuses

We’re really excited to announce the launch of ExpatGenius’ Messaging System.

Our community is growing really fast and we do want, even in our early beta, to give you the opportunity to connect and to communicate with each other.

How can the new Messaging System enhance your experience on ExpatGenius?

The new Messaging System will allow you to:

  • Contact a Genius, in real-time
  • Communicate directly with Geniuses, via chat
  • Send files to Geniuses
  • Receive a quote from Geniuses

We got really inspired, so we designed for you other awesome features :

Contact Button
easier than easier. When you need to contact with a Genius, you can get in contact simply by clicking on the “Green Button” and ta-da! Let’s the conversation begin.

Notification System
you’ll see, at a first glance, if someone just sent you a message! A badge will notify how many messages are waiting for your reply.

Email alert
Everytime you do have a new message, you’ll receive also a email alert. We do know you do have a busy life and we really do want to be sure you won’t miss that moment, when Geniuses are ready to help you!

Mobile Chat
your mobile phone is a trusted companion, right? We do have a great news for you: our Messaging System is fully optimized for mobile. ExpatGenius will be in the move together with you!