Expat Genius 07 Apr, 2016

Paris life: Shopping at La Trésorerie

By Elaine, Genius in Paris

One of the advantages of walking in Paris is that you may find places you would miss using any other mode of transportation. The slower pace of life here can take some adjustment, especially for people from cities in the US, but there are rewards of pleasurable discoveries like La Trésorerie (they are working on an English version of their website, but they have people who speak English answering their phone lines). Prices are reasonable, neither the lowest and nor the highest for brand names and types of products; you may find lower prices in the big department stores during sales, but this place will have less crowds and better service.

I don't really have room for any more pots and pans, but it's always fun to browse:)
Tea and coffee sets and cups give you an option of making a beverage at home.
They have utensils from butter spreaders to zesters.
If you need extra hooks, they have those too.
Lights, tables, throws, curtains,
and coordinated linens to enhance your decor.
They even have practical things like cleaning supplies and tools.
The most practical part of this store was their attached cafe,
with Swedish snacks and sweets to sustain you as you shop:)
Thanks to our Paris' Genius Elaine for sharing this great post! 
The article was originally published on Elaine's blog.