Expat Genius 22 Apr, 2016

Paris: Marché Saint Martin

By Elaine, Genius in Paris
Even though it may seem charming to walk the streets of Paris with an umbrella, I prefer to spend cold rainy days indoors, so I've spent most of the Winters here hibernating in my heated home. The lure of shopping with friends in a warm covered market got me to venture out a bit to the Marché Saint Martin. We were seeking something to bring to a goûter, or the afternoon snack between lunch and dinner. Even though my three friends were all French natives, no one had ever been to this market, so we meandered and shopped the stalls as tourists:) 

Fresh vegetables for crudites,
 cheese from cows, sheep, and goats,
 and bread made with pumpkin seeds, nuts, and sesame.
It wouldn't be a French market without wine,
 and local beef.
If you don't want to cook, you can buy prepared food to warm up at home,
 or snacks to nibble on as you await dinner.
 The center area was full of bins of oysters,
or you can opt for seafood, already cooked and ready to eat.
Some of the stalls were closed on Saturday, like the one selling pastries, but you can always have fresh fruit for dessert :)

Thanks to our Paris' Genius Elaine for sharing this great post! 
The article was originally published on Elaine's blog.