Expat Genius 16 Mag, 2016

Rodin Gardens in Paris: perfect for sunny days!

By Elaine, Genius in Paris
Rodin Gardens and mansion host sometimes temporary exhibit.  Usually has a very short line, but the permanent exhibit line stretched down to the edge of the sculpture garden. Entry fees range from about 3-11 Euros ($4-13 USD), with the first Sunday of every month free, but be prepared for lines on sunny days. These days there are security checks for all museums, so leave your backpacks at home.
There are sculptures along the side of the garden which are protected from the elements due to their fragile nature.
The sturdier sculptures are scattered throughout the garden.


This gives you an idea of the scale of the garden area; this view is looking back at the building with the permanent exhibitions,
and this is one of the pathways from the permanent exhibition to the rotunda,
with a pond surrounded by sculptures.
One of the nice things about having sculptures outdoors is that you can literally touch them.




The Eiffel Tower is hidden by the fog, just behind the "Thinking Man", as obscure as his thoughts... 


Thanks to our Paris' Genius Elaine for sharing this great post! 
The article was originally published on Elaine's blog.