Expat Genius 01 Lug, 2017

What are some the most common misconceptions about living abroad?

We've searched on Quora for replies to the question  "What are some the most common misconceptions about living abroad?". We could subscribe to every word of this one:

"The biggest misconception, by far, is that the experience will deepen and broaden your horizons all by itself. I've lived abroad for more than seven years in total, and in each place I lived I met people who were as closed-minded as ever simply because they chose to be. Quite a few people I've met have traveled to a particular country, found a niche within their comfort zone, and stayed there. This type of behaviour includes willingly not learning the local language, not trying the local food, avoiding encounters with local people and trying to maintain friendships or relationships solely with locals. People decide to live abroad for all sorts of reasons, and "finding yourself" is just one of them.

Before I went abroad, people would say that I would learn the language, have a lot of great new experiences, learn a lot, etc. etc. This did happen, but only because I made a conscious effort to make it happen. It didn't happen automatically, in other words. When I meet young people who want to travel abroad today, I tell them not to rest on their laurels. The possibilities are limitless, but only if they seek them out."


What do you think? What are, based on your expat experiences, the most common myths about expat experiences?