• Sector: Sales and Account Management
  • Contract: Full time


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Account Manager with a native level of German or Dutch

Spain » Barcelona

Job description:


<p>We are a <strong>team</strong> of <strong>young, dynamic</strong> and <strong>creative individuals</strong>, <strong>passionate</strong> about working in Europe and who believe in the added value of languages and international experience.</p>

<p>We are constantly on the lookout for new innovations that have the potential to change your future, aiming to ensure that our<strong> user-friendly</strong> and <strong>personalised</strong> services make finding the right job or candidate a better and simpler experience.</p>

<p>We are looking for new colleagues to join our <strong>fast growing international Sales Department</strong>.</p>

<p>You will be responsible for your own group of countries.</p>

<p>The main tasks you will be doing are:</p>

<ol><li><strong>Acquisition</strong><ul><li>Building a network on LinkedIn</li><li>Promote the activities of ELJ on LinkedIn</li><li>Acquisition of new clients (emailing, <strong>outbound calling</strong>, linkedin)</li></ul></li><li><strong>Account Management</strong><ul><li>Build good long term relationship with your clients and improve the ELJ Experience</li><li>Discuss the needs of your clients</li><li>Make <strong>outbound calls</strong> to follow up on clients' demands</li><li>Encourage your clients to post their job offers</li><li>Advise your clients how to use ELJ</li><li>Inform your clients about the latest development within ELJ</li></ul></li><li><strong>Sales</strong><ul><li>Identify sales opportunities and close (customized) deals</li><li>Identify opportunities for cross-selling and upselling in order to increase revenues</li></ul></li><li><strong>Business Development</strong><ul><li>Analysis of goals and strategy with the team</li><li>ELJ is a start-up and we always open to new ideas and possibilities to help to develop the strategy</li></ul></li></ol>



<ul><li>Native level of <strong>German </strong>or <strong>Dutch</strong></li><li>Proficient level of English</li></ul>


<ul><li>You are a <strong>friendly </strong>and <strong>positive team player</strong> and you would love to work in an <strong>international </strong>environment.</li><li>ELJ is a <strong>start-up</strong>; you are <strong>flexible</strong> and there is room to <strong>take initiative</strong> and bring in new <strong>ideas</strong> to develop the company further.</li><li>You are <strong>proactive</strong>, <strong>eager to learn</strong>, not afraid of <strong>responsibility </strong>and highly <strong>motivated</strong>.</li><li>You have previous relevant experience in<strong> sales</strong> / <strong>account management</strong> (customer service, retail etc.), you are not afraid to pick up the <strong>phone</strong> and you are <strong>results-driven</strong>.</li><li>You are passionate about <strong>online business </strong>and the <strong>recruitment</strong> <strong>industry.</strong></li><li>You are able to <strong>identify customer needs</strong> and you have excellent <strong>listening </strong>and <strong>communication</strong> skills.</li><li>You are <strong>curious</strong> and able to <strong>multitask.</strong></li></ul>


<ul><li>Work in an international team</li><li>Coffee and tea</li><li>Working hours: from Monday to Friday 09:00 – 18:00 and 1 free afternoon per week (from15:00 o´clock)</li><li>If required we can provide you with <strong>relocation support</strong>:<ul><li>Applying for A NIE</li><li>Opening a Bank account</li><li>Finding an apartment</li></ul></li></ul>

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