• Sector: Customer Service
  • Contract: Permanent


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Client Advisor Italian Speaker Retail/Luxury

France » Paris

Job description:


<p>Under the direction of the Team leader, the Client Advisor has for main missions to:</p>

<ul><li>Receive and process client requests on any contact channel available to clients, including phone, chat, mails, social networks</li><li>Proactively contribute to sales promotion by advising clients on product and service offers</li><li>Place orders by phone or assist clients to place their orders on the web </li><li>Participate in clienteling campaigns</li><li>Handle client orders validation and follow-up with other internal Department or contractors</li><li>Take in charge aftersales complaints</li><li>Actively report to his management on any service issue to contribute to product & service improvement</li><li>Be an ambassador for the different brands</li></ul>

<p>He/she will perform these actions in accordance with the scripts and procedures that are given during the briefings and training sessions.</p>

<p>He/she is the guarantor of the quality of response to clients and uses all the tools available (applications, procedures bible, knowledge base) to ensure maximum reliability of the speech delivered to his/her interlocutors.</p>

<p>He/she respects the production schedules received.</p>

<p>He/she fulfills the individual qualitative and quantitative objectives of the service.</p>


<p>Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in sales, customer relationship management, marketing, international business or equivalent practical experience.</p>

<p>Previous experience and a working knowledge in Customer relations Department</p>

<p>Prior Luxury environment experience</p>

<p>Retail experience</p>

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