• Sector: Customer Service
  • Contract: Full time


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Customer Support Operations Manager

Ireland » Dublin

Job description:


<p><strong>Job title:</strong> Operations Manager <br /><strong>Internally the job is titled:</strong> Operations Manager<br /><strong>Department:</strong> Global Support Services<br /><strong>Job status:</strong> Full time - Day Shift</p>

<p><strong>Key Responsibilities</strong></p>

<ul><li>Ensure service levels are maintained on a daily basis</li><li>Monitor and act upon operational activity (volumes, key performance indicators/metrics, performance plans, trends, etc.)</li><li>Monitor, analyse and act upon team performance output and quality, and manager information reporting</li><li>Provide regular reports on team performance and manager activity to senior management</li><li>All aspects of people management (team and one to one meetings, mentoring and coaching, study and development, absence management, disciplinary process and personnel issues, performance appraisals)</li><li>Act as the Voice of the Customer for senior management, summarise customer issues and follow up actions</li><li>Recruitment interview and hiring</li><li>Plan and manage team travel budgets and reward/recognition initiatives</li><li>Develop and leverage strategies to ensure high performance and delivery from team</li><li>Handle management escalations, customer queries and regulatory body complaints</li><li>Design and execute change management strategies</li><li>Review and sign-off changes to policies and procedures</li><li>Act as focal point for inter/intra-departmental projects</li><li>Monitor quality of our service channels</li></ul>

<ul><li>Demonstrate an ability to communicate and empathise with customers directly, thereby assisting with the development of team members to deliver best practice resolutions</li><li>Manage resources to ensure products/brands/licenses are launched efficiently and with minimum impact on service levels</li></ul>

<ul><li>Other duties or projects as required by senior management</li></ul>

<p> </p>



<ul><li>People management experience</li><li>Passion for customer service</li><li>Contact centre and/or previous gaming experience</li><li>Excellent verbal and written communication and listening skills</li><li>A strong customer service mentality with first-rate attention to detail</li><li>Ability to thrive in a fast paced, target-driven environment</li><li>Self-motivated and able to work both independently and as part of a busy team</li><li>Excellent people management and time management skills</li><li>Excellent decision making skills, ability to think on your feet and ability to motivate staff</li><li>Strong leadership skills in a multi-cultural environment</li><li>Proven record in implementing motivational programmes</li><li>Experience managing change at different levels (individual and team)</li><li>Ability to analyse and review team performance</li><li>Ability to communicate expectations and instructions clearly and in a professional manner</li><li>Strong all-round understanding of MS Office applications, especially Word and Excel</li><li>Proficiency with internal tools and reports</li><li>In-depth knowledge of internal procedures and policies and multi-channel support</li></ul>


<ul><li>Educational background/degree in related fields</li><li>Advanced knowledge of online and/or brick-and-mortar Poker, Casino or Sportsbook</li><li>Working knowledge of international document verification, KYC and AML/CFT procedures</li><li>Experience in credit card fraud and/or online payment processing merchant systems</li><li>Experience with Customer Relationship Management tools</li><li>Working knowledge of online social gaming industry</li><li>Proficiency in any additional languages</li></ul>

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