• Sector: Marketing and Communications
  • Contract: Full time


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Danish speaking Content Moderator - Berlin, Germany

Germany » Berlin

Job description:


<p>On behalf of our client, we are looking for a Danish speaking Online Content Moderator - Berlin, Germany Content Moderator who will be responsible for monitoring all user-generated content of the online marketplace.</p>

<p><strong>The Role</strong></p>

<ul><li>An interesting and exciting job in a growing and innovative sector.</li><li>Backoffice (non-voice) support • ensures quality by enforcing standard policies and procedures.</li></ul>



<ul><li>Excellent Danish language skills on native speaker level.</li><li>Additionally good English language skills.</li><li>High attention to detail.</li><li>Flexibility and team spirit.</li><li>Problem-solving skills and the ability to take ownership of queries.</li><li>Experience of using the internet and social networks.</li></ul>


<p>To find out more about this great opportunity and many others, get in touch with the <strong>SpotOn Connections</strong> team. We have options for speakers of many languages across Europe with positions based in <em>Greece, Portugal, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Gibraltar, UK, Czech Republic, and elsewhere.</em></p>

<p>We offer a <strong>250 euro ‘refer a friend’</strong> bonus for successfully placed candidates, so please send us any candidates that you feel might be suitable for this role.</p>

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