• Sector: Marketing and Communications
  • Contract: Full time


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Digital Media Analyst with Danish and English

Bulgaria ยป Remote

Job description:


Astrea Recruitment was found in 2007 with one principal mission – to be different. For one of our clients – one of the greats in the field of customer experience management.We are on a search for detail-oriented, capable and bright pop-culture enthusiasts for therole of Digital Media Analyst with Danish and English. Essential Duties and ResponsibilitiesYou will mainly be responsible for continuous reviewing of a protentional violating content. Itis important to be unbiased and as objective and you can be. Knowledge of internal policesand regular knowledge updates will be essential. You will. Also, be conducting research onreported content and keeping track of reoccurring patterns. If you discover a trend inviolations, reporting it will be a priority! This will help you immensely with your job. By dealingwith new trends as they emerge, you will contribute to improving the process and making thejob easier.


RequirementsExcellent understanding of Danish and English is needed. Active interest in pop-culture willmake you stand out. Be available to work on shifts and you are a star candidate! Analyticalmind and attention to detail will help you go through content in a thorough and efficient way.Drive and strong organisational skills will help you manage time and prioritise tasks well.


Our client offersAttractive compensation and social benefits can be yours. Plus, additional health insurance isa must for all employees. If you need relocating, there is a relocation package and help isavailable through all stages of moving. Detailed initial training is fully-covered and it will helpyou start your full-time job well prepared. Working hours are flexible, arranged in shifts.There will be different programs and trainings available, as well as guidance and differentOpportunities to advance your career. LocationLive in one of the liveliest cities in Europe! Sofia offers something for everyone, whether youare after amazing architecture, rich history, nature and relaxing spots or amazing nightlife,you are sure to find warm and hospitable people who are willing to help you find somethingjust for you. Some of the advantages are: Rich history and culture - Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe and has a veryancient and rich history. At the edge of Europe and Asia, almost all of the great ancientcultures and civilizations have made their mark. The Thracian, Ancient Greeks, Romans,Byzantines and the Ottoman Empire have all left behind a multitude of monuments, such astombs, structures, temples and mosques. Very green city with beautiful nature - Sofia offers a lot of big, green areas and parkswhere you can take a walk with your friends or just relax on the grass. Situated in the foot ofVitosha Mountain, Sofia offers a beautiful nature brought in the city. Relaxed pace of life - Even though Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria with a little bit more than amillion population, you don’t feel the stress and the dynamics of living in a big city likeLondon, Paris or Rome. Everything is within close proximity and pace of life is really relaxed. A lot of sport and recreational activities available - In Sofia you can find a lot ofindoor and outdoor sports and recreation activities all year round. Football, tennis, hiking, skiing,swimming, spa centers, you name it! The variety of entertainments will make your free timememorable here. Flavorsome cuisine - Bulgaria’s cuisine is fresh and delicious. With outstanding regionalvegetables, fragrant spices and quality barbecued meats, Bulgarian cuisine is an absoluteBalkan jewel. Safety - Sofia is a very safe city to live in. Bulgaria hasn’tbeen involved in a war since theSecond world war. The country is peaceful and safe, accepting different cultures andreligions. Sofia is maybe the only one city in Europe where within 500 sq.m distance you canfind a 5-7 EUR, Taxi 0,45 cents per km, rent: 250-300 EUR per month for one bedroomapartment church, a mosque, and a synagogue. Great climate - Northern Europe is rainy and cool all year round, and yet, the Mediterraneandoesn’t boast the Christmas delight of a snowy winter. How about a proper hot summer anda cold, snowy winter, with pleasant spring and autumn in between? Bulgaria’s climate getsthe best of the north and the south. It’s usually dry and sunny, but temperatures vary greatlybetween seasons, unlike Germany or England, where seasonal temperature differences aremuch smaller. The remote option is available, but there is a catch. You would have to be living somewherein Bulgaria. Take up this opportunity and start a new chapter of your life. If you are interested, challenged and convinced you are the right candidate, do not hesitateand send your detailed resume in English (Do not forget to point the ref. N SM_DMADNSFE)Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted in a timely manner.All the information is protected by the Commission for the Protection of Personal Data(Astrea Recruitment. - reg No 1809)