• Sector: Shared services and Finance
  • Contract: Permanent


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German Merchant Risk Representative

Ireland » Dublin

Job description:


<p>You will conduct a holistic risk review of Merchants in the Business Seller Segment through various workflows. (including but not limited to case, phone, email, PET channels). Your holistic review will include a balanced approach of assessing risk and the merchant experience. You will interact proactively and educate the merchant while making strong decisions which will balance Risk and Experience. You will be working independently and within a team environment to serve as a credible partner that makes sound decisions. You will drive stronger Merchant engagement through your interactions with our customers. You will take ownership of impact of your decision and the overall merchant experience.</p>

<p><strong>What does Success Look Like? </strong> </p>

<p><br /><strong>Holistic Review</strong></p>

<ol><li>Your critical thinking is E2E to understand the full Merchant Life Cycle evaluating Identity, Intent, Business Model, and Financial Stability of our merchants.</li><li>You develop the full “merchant story” within your review process to validate and understand the Merchants situation.</li><li>You wear several “hats” - Risk, Relationship Manager, Sales, Negotiator, and Investigator</li><li>You will work towards understanding Industry risk idiosyncrasies</li><li>You are working to have Global awareness of process alignment and economy implications</li></ol>

<p><strong>Merchant Education</strong></p>

<ul><li>You always put yourself in the merchant’s shoes and act as a strong partner.</li><li>You have the ability to effectively communicate outcomes, build relationships and consult with our Merchants.      </li></ul>


<p><strong>About You </strong> </p>

<ol><li>You have 1+ years’ experience within a customer service or financial institution, with experience in Fraud, Credit Risk, Transaction processing or Chargeback Processing</li><li>You are fluent in English and Regional Language</li><li>You have strong written and verbal communication skills.</li><li>You have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience</li><li>You have an ability to function in multiple queues covering a variety of tasks with a sense of urgency and follow-through.</li><li>You have strong working knowledge of external systems and PC based internet and software applications (e.g. Internet, Microsoft Office).</li><li>You are creative, good at learning on the fly, have strong customer focus and problem solving skills and you operate with integrity.</li></ol>

<p><strong>You Might Also Have </strong></p>

<ul><li>An ability to be comfortable working within ‘gray’ areas of policy where outstanding decision making quality is present.</li><li>An ability to learn and adapt to new software technologies.</li><li>The ability to work independently with a strong drive for results.</li><li>Experience with conflict management and interpersonal skills.</li></ul>


<p><strong>What we offer you ....</strong></p>

<p>1. PayPal has repeatedly been recognized as one of the best places to work in Europe.</p>

<p>2. A full-time secure position with excellent career progression opportunities.</p>

<p>3. Work in a state of the art Dublin office using cutting edge technology.</p>

<p>4. Be part of a community that is committed to fostering the following four cultural values: Innovation & Creativity; Collaboration; Diversity & Inclusion and Wellness</p>

<p> </p>

<p><strong>Other Additional Benefits:</strong></p>

<p>1. 25 days holiday + national holidays.</p>

<p>2. 4 weeks additional extra holiday every 5 years.</p>

<p>3. Performance-related additional remuneration.</p>

<p>4. Subsidised restaurant, health insurance, pension, onsite gym, games room and lots more...</p>

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