• Sector: Logistics
  • Contract: Permanent


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Logistics Specialist

Hungary » Oroszlány

Job description:


<ul><li>Place of work: Oroszlány</li><li>Manages and control inbound and outbound deliveries</li><li>Lead deliveries from logistics side, including providing status update of shipments towards sales team, customers and all related parties</li><li>Process maintenance and development</li><li>Close co-operation with finance regarding logistics contracts, incoterms, invoicing, payment terms and documentation</li><li>Track & trace, shipment follow up, on-time delivery (OTD) management and POD collection</li><li>Manages and cordinates other logistics related tasks (e.g.: customs, claims) working together with the affected departments</li><li>Support Global logistics center, Customer Service (CSC), Production, Sales, Inventory (PSI), Sales Managers work with information sharing, risk and cost analyse, etc.</li><li>Collaborates with sourcing to identify risks, non-conformities, customs and delivery issues, consolidation questions, lead times, etc.</li><li>Collaborates with Suez logistics colleagues all around the world, share best practices</li><li>Participates in internal and external audits</li><li>It is the employee responsibility do his/her best during the work to achieve the suitable quality of our product.</li><li>Employee is obliged to check the state of work related tools, equipments and vehicles as well as assure their proper use and conduct basic maintenance tasks accordingly.</li><li>Employee is obliged to provide a valid driving licence or training certificate before using conditioned work tool or vehicle as well as inform employer in case of document expiry promptly. </li><li>Employee is obliged to wear the required work outfit and observe all rules and regulations regarding accessories, hairs-, nail-,  watch- and jewellry wear in order not to cause contingency.</li><li>Employee is responsible for the provided inidividual safety equipment, its proper safekeeping, use and daily maintenance.</li><li>Employee is responsible for keeping discipline, order and cleanliness in his/her workplace.</li><li>Employee is obliged to attend the required medical examination/check-up.</li><li>Employee is obliged to report any kind of injury, sickness, potential risk of  disorder, breakdown to employer promply and expected to cooperate in preventing hazardous situtation threatening life, physical safety and environment.</li><li>Employee is obliged to acquire how to handle work-related chemicals and hazardous materials (MSDS) and apply safety rules accordingly.</li><li>Employee is obliged to observe all safety rules even under ocassional/temporary assignments and stop operation in case of direct fire, accident or environmental risk as well as prevent unauthorized access to equipments.</li><li>It is the responsibility of all employees to voice concerns regarding the ability to meet customer expectations and comply with all parts of the Quality Management System. </li><li>It is the responsibility of all employees to do their best during their work to achieve the suitable quality of our product.</li></ul>


<ul><li>Relevant studies (completed or in progress)</li><li>Relevant experience in the field of logistics</li><li>ERP knowledge (i.e.: SAP, Oracle)</li><li>Fluent english</li></ul>


<ul><li>A truly multinational team</li><li>Cafeteria</li><li>Enthusiastic, multilingual team</li><li>Flexible working hours</li><li>High-tech office environment</li><li>Competitive compensation package</li></ul>