• Sector: Information and Technology
  • Contract: Full time


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Native Dutch Speakers - Temporary replacement

Spain » Barcelona

Job description:


<p>Founded in 1990, LocTeam is a multilingual language service provider delivering comprehensive app translation, Mac and iOS software localization, marketing and document translation, website localization, as well as book and eBook production, design and translation services to an international client base.</p>

<p>Your team at LocTeam includes translators, proofreaders, engineers, developers, testers, editors, graphic designers, project managers, as well as a network of more than 1,500 experienced and qualified linguistic specialists.</p>

<p>LocTeam is recruiting Dutch native speakers for a  project that implies checking and correcting automatic transcriptions, as well as testing the performance of a software in Dutch so its quality specifications are met.</p>


<p>Qualifications / Skills required:</p>

<ul><li><p>-  Candidates must be native speakers of Dutch.</p></li><li><p>-  Candidates must be fluent in English.</p></li><li><p>-  Experience as a software tester is a plus.</p></li><li><p>-  IT skills is desirable.</p></li><li><p>-  Candidates must be eligible to work in Spain.</p></li></ul>


<ol><li><p>We offer:</p><ul><li><p>-  Sick leave replacement </p></li><li><p>-  Full-time job</p></li><li><p>-  Be a part of a multilingual environment</p></li></ul></li></ol>

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