• Sector: Human Resources
  • Contract: Full time


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Trainee Recruitment Consultant – German or Spanish Speaker

United Kingdom » London

Job description:


<p>Do you want to be able to use your language skills and work for an <strong>international fast growing company</strong> with <strong>fast career progression</strong>?</p>

<p>Do you want to have the chance to earn <strong>£100,000 or more</strong> a year?</p>

<p>Are you fluent in <strong>English</strong>,<strong> German </strong>or <strong>Spanish</strong>?</p>

<p>Look no further!</p>

<p>We are looking for <strong>multi-language speakers</strong> with a strong commercial and <strong>sales</strong> attitude that don’t need any previous experience in the sector but just:</p>

<ul><li>Have the strong will to be successful</li><li>Have the attitude of someone who is keen to learn and apply themselves in a short amount of time</li></ul>

<p>NonStop Consulting is one of Europe’s fastest growing recruitment agencies and <strong>we are going global! </strong> At NonStop every employee has an equal opportunity to develop themselves and take the next step in their career. You can become a <strong>team leader</strong>,<strong> sales manager, associate director</strong> or be involved in <strong>opening</strong> an office of your own – where do you want to be?</p>

<p>With us you will have your career and development in your own hands. All you have to do is put in the work.</p>

<p>As recruiters we are essential skilled sales people whose job is to propose our services to clients and find the right talent to join their team. Not only will you help companies and candidates to grow but <strong>you’ll create your career and your name</strong> in the market at the same time.</p>


<ul><li>Ability to relocate to <strong>London</strong></li><li>Highly motivated, resilient and driven to succeed - recruitment is a hard job and we need people who are driven to get through the hard times and go above and beyond</li><li>Good Communication skills and Empathy - the role involves talking to 50-60 people per day and because of this, we need people who can communicate effectively and enjoy speaking to people</li><li>Ability to learn and willingness to learn and take on feedback</li><li>Fluency in <strong>English</strong> and ideally also <strong>Germa</strong>n or <strong>Spanish </strong>would be an advantage</li></ul>

<p> </p>

<p>As we don’t like to joke around go look at our consultants on linked-in and see how fast they got to where they are. <strong>You can also have a look at some videos on YouTube to see what Nonstop Consulting is about: </strong></p>


<p><strong>What else is in it for you?</strong></p>

<ul><li>Award Winning Training based in London. This is the main feature that allows you to build a <strong>strong set of skills from zero</strong> and to become the <strong>next Top performer</strong>!</li><li>International environment: You will be surrounded by young professionals from all over the world comprising <strong>27 nationalities</strong>.</li><li>Genuine meritocracy - Don't wait for your manager to vacate their position, get promoted based on your own hard work and effort with our transparent, <strong>meritocratic</strong> career path.</li><li>High earning potential: On top of a competitive base salary, you will earn up to <strong>40% commission</strong>, with your first year on target earnings at about £40,000, rising year after year, performance dependent.</li><li>Rewarding environment: you’ll be assigned a niche market which will basically be a small business for you where your commissions are your profits.</li><li>Fast career progression: most Team Leaders are promoted within 2 years of starting if not less (current record being 11 months)</li></ul>

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