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I live in Paris

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About me

Before I was a market and strategic intelligence manager that is say that my job was to ensure that my company was aware of what was going on with our customers, employees, markets... in order to adapt and anticipate risks globally. Then, one day, my husband told me we were to move to Sweden. I quit my job, came to Sweden and decided to use my expertise for myself and help me adapt to my new country. It worked. I now run my own company in which I offer services that merge coaching, market intelligence techniques and crosscultural trainings. My goal is to help individuals and companies grow globally while assuming their own identity. We are all humans, we just need to figure out how to understand each other and communicate in a effective way. I love sports and especially martial arts, gymnastics and iceskating and I often use mental training techniques as well.

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Administration Services

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Provide ad hoc information via chat/email


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School Search


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