Hello, I'm Diana!

I live in Milan

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About me

Im a newly graduated civil and environmental engineer but I've always been good in advising and planning trips for my family and friends (help them find a place to stay, finding the best flights...) and as an engineer i deal with facts and numbers to make the right decision. i can soeak 3 languages and im learning on my italian but i can understand it. In addition i starred in commercials in Lebanon and in my free time i love to explore the best restaurants in Milan because food is life and i love to be able to help other find a perfect restaurant when they are in town! Thank you and hope you like me !

I can support you with

Tax support
Legal services

Home Search

40,00 € start priceEssential

Provide via chat/email ad-hoc listings


Administration Services


46,00 € start pricePremium

Essential + appointments + phone support


Job and Career

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Provide ad hoc information via chat/email


Translation& Interpreting


52,00 € start priceVIP

Premium + interpreting on-site

School Search

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Provide ad-hoc information via chat/email


Where I lived

Lebanon, Italy