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Getting to know where we are is always a challenge, mainly when we don't speak the local language. This is something I've experienced myself when living abroad. Of course we can all manage bureaucracy and adapt, but it is so much easier when we have someone helping us. I got that help before and now it is my turn to help expats moving to Portugal, I've been doing that for 2 years now, from time to time, mostly friends that are moving here and need that someone to help them. The best part is that this is something I really enjoy doing. I am also very aware of the world we live in, I am an avid news reader, which is also good if you're trying to find someone that can give you a good political and economical insight of the country, but also someone that understands cultural differences and knows how to deal with expectations. Portuguese are known for being great hosts, I'll do my part!

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Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Romania